Sharing Our Stories

Pat Gerwig

Most Sundays, you will notice Pat Gerwig singing out loud in the choir, frequently smiling, and always intensely focused on the message. She grew up very active in a church that was not Lutheran, where the Good News of Jesus was presented to her in a way that was laced with anger and threat. Upon her marriage to Dave Gerwig, she decided to try the church that he was raised in – a Lutheran congregation in Albemarle, NC,  where she immediately noticed a different feeling among the people there. “Grace was their primary focus,” Pat reflects. 

Later, Pat and Dave relocated to Summerville. She wanted their children to be raised in the church and was attracted to St. Luke’s Children’s Center. She began to attend our worship services and quickly found a feeling of family. Pat recalls working with Jo Seago in the music ministry as well as all of the many productions that were staged at St. Luke’s. “She was a wonderful friend,” Pat shares. “I brought my problems to her, and she was always ready to listen to me.” Pat also met Mary Meynardie, a former missionary to Japan. “In Mary Meynardie, I found a role model and an example of who I strived to be. She encourages each of us to be a better person,” Pat says.

There isn’t simply one thing or person about St. Luke’s that makes it feel welcoming or grace-filled. Pat loves it all, including the structured liturgical worship. She loves that members are active in the worship service, where all participate through response, singing, and the constant exercise of standing, sitting, and kneeling. The open discussion of her Sunday School class is something Pat looks forward to, as well. She enjoys the lively perspectives that are always shared by the class members and finds a sense of family at St. Luke’s, where conversation is welcome, and we are challenged to explore other points of view.

“Above all, I am most grateful to have raised my children at St. Luke’s,” Pat says. “I am sure that the community of faith has helped them become kind and generous Christians. I feel at home at St. Luke’s, where I can sing out loud!”