Faith Formation at Home

How do you live out your faith and teach it to your children at home? In addition to our online worship services, St. Luke’s has created some materials to help you grow in faith while at home during this time of Quarantine.

Kitchen Table VBS

This Curriculum was developed by our Director of Faith Formation, Dani Vogel, and was crafted especially during this time of Social Distancing for families to share in the comfort of their own homes. Each set of material includes five Vacation Bible School lessons with activities to help your family connect and grow in faith.

Kitchen Table VBS

Kitchen Table VBS for Holy Week

Kitchen Table VBS: Offbeat Stories And People of The Bible

Movie Bible Studies

Looking for a faith-based activity to do at home during Quarantine? Feeling like you can relate to characters like Rapunzel in her tower, Moana on her island, Elsa locked in her room, or Anna talking to the paintings on her wall? Dani Vogel, our Director of Faith Formation, has written some Movie Bible Studies that give you a great excuse to kick back and watch a movie together and then relate it to a Bible story. These Bible studies along with the DVD are available to check out from our church office, or if you already own the movie or are able to access/stream it from your home, Dani can email you the discussion questions. 18 different studies are available now, including Avengers, Frozen and Frozen 2, Monsters University, Indiana JonesThe Princess Bride, AntMan along with its own AntMan Quarantine Challenge, and more!  Click on the link below to access the Discussion Questions. 

Movie Bible Studies for Quarantine

Service Projects

During Quarantine, we can still help our neighbors. If you are interested in serving with us even as we are apart, you may sign up with our church office as a volunteer to help deliver groceries or needed essentials to those who are most vulnerable.

Since this is a time when so many are without work and are in need, you might also consider donating to our Little Food Pantry, which is located out on the church lawn. Click below to see a list of ideas to help fill our pantry.

St. Luke’s Little Food Pantry Guide

Daily Prayer Gatherings

Join our South Carolina Bishop, Reverend Herman Yoos, our Bishop’s Assistant, Reverend Ginny Aebischer, and Reverend Rick Carter, SC Synod’s Director for Evangelical Mission for a few minutes of prayer, scripture and reflection every weekday at 10AM. You are invited to light a candle during these daily gatherings, and you will be offered an opportunity to share your prayer requests with them.

Daily Prayer Gatherings SC Synod