Music Ministry

St. Luke’s New Allen Organ Console

The music ministry at St. Luke’s continues to be, as it has been for generations for our parishioners and community, an integral and inspiring element of worship and outreach. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, St. Luke’s has continued to bring forth beautiful music for the glory of God. While we long for the day when we can resume our Sanctuary choir as it once was, we rejoice at the ways in which we are still using our musical gifts to worship our Lord, as our Adult Bell Choir continues to play, and a brand new Youth Bell Choir has just begun.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that this Fall, St. Luke’s was blessed with the opportunity to purchase an Allen organ console that not only offers more varieties of sounds and gives us a better functioning console, but marries with our existing pipes perfectly! The Allen organ company is an American organ manufacturer that specializes in digital organs and hybrid organs (digital and pipe combined). Allen is highly regarded in the organ arena worldwide.

To learn more about our new organ console, check out our newest video series, Chatting with Chad, as our music director, Chad Martin, educates and shows us more about this wonderful instrument.

Chatting with Chad

Chatting With Chad, Episode 1

Chatting With Chad, Episode 2

Chatting With Chad, Episode 3

Chatting With Chad, Episode 4

Chatting With Chad, Episode 5

Additional Musical Opportunities

From the start of the Pandemic, St. Luke’s has been working on new ways to share socially-distanced music ministry together while apart.  One of our ministries included, The Masked Music Series, where we tuned in to find out which church members would provide special musical pieces each week. Before that, we had our Covid Classics Series, which included musical pieces presented each week by our pastors and music director. Scroll down to see our Masked Music Series and Covid Classics Series below.

The Masked Music Series

Maybe it’s Bach, or Beethoven, or Mozart, or maybe it’s you!

The Covid Classics Series