Vacation Bible School

VBS: Together But 6 Feet Apart

Pop-Up Events in the Back Church Parking Lot: 

Tailgating Party Kick-off Celebration on Monday, July 27 at 6:30PM– Come and picnic with us beside your car from the safety of your socially distanced parking space. Boxed Sandwich Dinners from Panera will be provided. 

Social Distance Olympics on Wednesday, July 29, at 6:30PM – Go on a duck hunt, perform a synchronized swimming routine, and toss water balloons at a target all from the comfort of your very own socially distanced parking space.  

Drive-In Movie on Friday, July 31, at 8:00PM 

VBS Spotify Playlist: 

VBS Daily At-Home Activities

VBS Day 1

VBS Day 1 Playlist: Creation

VBS Day 2

VBS Day 2 Playlist: God’s Big House

VBS Day 3

VBS Day 3 Playlist: Eye of The Needle

VBS Day 4

VBS Day 4 Playlist: Prodigal Son

VBS Day 5

VBS Day 5 Playlist: Jesus Calms The Storm

VBS Day 6

VBS Day 6 Playlist: The Beginning And The End

This Socially Distant VBS Material was written and produced by St. Luke’s Faith Formation Director, Dani Vogel.